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Connecting Rod

Connecting Rod
Connecting rod is a vital component of any internal combustion engine. This is the component which carries the power from the piston to the crank-shaft and thus giving movement to the engine.

The basic principle of connecting rod assembly is the same for all engines except for the fact that in two-wheelers, at one end, crank pin is used which is connected to the crank-shaft.

The connecting rod is attached to the crank-shaft by crank pin and the other end of the connecting rod is connected to the piston with the piston pin. The connecting rod takes the power thrust from the reciprocating piston and carries it to the crank pin which in turn transmits the power / motion to the crank-shaft in the form of rotary motion which makes the vehicle move. It is utmost important that the connecting rod should be of correct weight and size so that there is no vibration in the connecting rod while transmission of power. Also the dimensional parameters and the heat treatment parameters should be strictly maintained to ensure trouble free running of the engine.

Crank Pin

Crank Pin is a high precision item, having Crank Pinround cylindrical shape. It can be of hole or solid type, but must have a high surface finish, to serve as running surface for needle bearings. The surface must be free from nick marks and must be hard, to bear the normal wear and tear of the vehicle. It is firmly connected to the connecting rod and as such the geometry of the outer diameter as well as side faces plays a vital role in fitment and running. It is a vital part of kinematics of the transmission of a two / three wheeler assembly, where a direct transfer of power, without slip, is sought from the Piston to the wheel / gear box. A similar situation prevails in single cylinder engines for agriculture, industrial and other uses.

Gudgeon Pins

GudgeonPin/Piston PinGudgeon Pinsand mostly in American nomenclature known as wrist pins, are an integral part of all types of internal combustion engines, Otto or diesel types, 2 strokes and 4 types. Gudgeon pin is a component to fasten the piston and the connecting rod severally and securely, but at the same time permitting enough play for the free angular movement of the connecting rod according to the requirements of kinematics of the engine assembly.

They are very essential for the carefree running of the engine and it depends upon the quality of the gudgeon pin whether an engine will live upto its designed life period of operation. The power generated by the combustion of inflamed gases is harnessed by the piston and transmitted further to the crank shaft via piston rod, in which the gudgeon pin plays a vital pivotal role.

Most of the gudgeon pins are hollow cylinders made out of special alloy steels having highly polished and hard outer surface to bear the wear and tear due to the to and fro motion of the piston shaft.

Gudgeon pins are used in scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, cars, lorries, trucks, locomotives, tractors, marine engines, refrigeration compressors etc.